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 Wet Domination | Tecni.ART
Recreating Eva's High Glam double texture Wet Look

Inspired by the explosion of wet looks on runways and red carpets, L’Oréal Professionnel creates
Wet Domination – a new range of wet look products by Tecni.ART. Offering provocative shine with elastic hold that resists hot backstage lighting, the products were inspired and tested by backstage stylists. These ultra-shiny stylers were selected by top stylists for their content of shining agents and styling polymers.
Wet Domination is ideal to create your wet look: from slicked back, after-pool looks to the wet look ballerina bun, or even dual-texture styling effects.


Recreating Eva's high glam double texture wet look with
a rock twist is easy with pro tips from backstage

STEP 1 |
To create Eva’s voluminous quiff, separate a U-shaped section from the front area of the hairline, stretching from the arch of one eyebrow to the others. Backcomb the hair at the root area using a fine-tooth comb.

STEP 2 |
Use Infinium, a dry professional hair spray, to fix the backcombed volume.

STEP 3 |
Using your hands, form the desired quiff shape. Use a paddle brush to smooth out the top section.
Then, secure the section with pins on both sides.

STEP 4 |
Slick back the sides with Extreme Splash, an elastic hold wet look gel of the new Wet Domination range by Tecni.Art. Apply it evenly from the roots to the ends, using a paddle brush. Secure the two sides at the back of
the head with pins

STEP 5 |
Apply Shower Shine, a lacquer shine spray from the new Wet Domination range by Tecni.Art, to boost shine and intensify the wet look on mid-lengths and ends. Layer the product to create a true after-pool effect.

Wet Domination by Tecni.ART

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